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International Business Certificate

The International Business Certificate is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the global marketplace. Through a combination of international experiences and internationally focused coursework, students will gain insight into the functioning of businesses in different national economies and global strategies to increase business competitiveness, as well as cultural competencies to successfully navigate the different social, political and economic contexts within which multi-national firms operate.

Certificate Requirements:

  • A minimum of 18 credits are required as detailed below
  • Business coursework must be completed through W. P. Carey or a sponsored Study Abroad program
  • GPA requirement of 2.5 is required to earn the International Business Certificate
  • Only classes with a grade of “C” or better can be applied toward the requirements
  • Pre-requisites are enforced for all courses listed below—check the ASU course catalog for information on pre-requisites
  • Requirements must be met within 1 year after degree conferral date

Coursework Requirements  (Four required areas):

Study Abroad Participation in an ASU sponsored study abroad program is required (Fall 2011 catalog year and later). Students cannot use independent non-sponsored programs to fulfill this requirement. Sponsored programs can be found on the Study Abroad Office website at Visit the W. P. Carey Undergraduate Programs Office for Study Abroad academic advising. Appointments can be made through SOS by clicking on “International Programs.”
International Business 9 credits total
Grade of “C” or Better
Core—3 credits
MGT 302: Principles of International Business OR
ECN 306: Survey of International Economics
Electives—6 credits (choose 2)
ECN 331: Economics European Econ Union
ECN 335: South Asia and the World Economy
ECN 360: Economic Development
ECN 365: Economics of Russia and Eastern Europe
ECN 436: International Trade Theory
ECN 438: International Monetary Economics
FIN 456: International Financial Management
MGT 400: Cross-Cultural Management
MGT 459: International Management
MKT 425: Global Marketing Management
SCM 463: Global Supply Chain Management
Study Abroad Business courses*
*300+ level WPC-prefixed courses earned on a sponsored  ASU Study Abroad program may be applied toward the IBC elective area, per approval of the Int’l Programs Coordinator. Courses applied toward the W. P. Carey business core cannot be used toward the IBC elective area.
Non-Business Global 9 credits total
Grade of “C” or better
Area Studies List
Courses may be chosen from the W. P. Carey approved Area Studies List.  Please visit the ASU schedule of classes to determine when these courses may be offered. ASU “G” Designated Classes Any ASU course with a “G” designation will fulfill requirements in this area. Please visit the ASU schedule of classes to determine which “G” courses are available in any given term.
Study Abroad
1. An ASU or W. P. Carey sponsored study abroad program for 1 semester will waive 9 hours of the non-business global requirement
2. An ASU or W. P. Carey sponsored study abroad program offering 6 credits will waive 6 credits of the non-business global requirement.
3. An ASU or W. P. Carey sponsored study abroad program offering 3 credits will waive 3 credits of the non-business global requirement. 
Foreign Language Grade of “C” or better 1. 1 year of the same college language (ex: FRE 101 & FRE 102)
2. 1 semester of the equivalent of 101 & 102 (ex. FRE 111 or SPA 111)
3. 2 years of the same High School language with a minimum of a grade of “C”
4. Proficiency test documenting fluency OR placement test documenting your ability to take language at the 201 level.
5. International students with a TOEFL may have this waived


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