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Jennifer Nahrgang

Jennifer Nahrgang

Associate Professor

Office:BA 397G
Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 874006
Tempe, AZ 85287-4006

Phone: 480-965-4641
Fax: 480-965-8314
Email: Jennifer.nahrgang@asu.edu

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Michigan State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Organizational Behavior (2009)

Oklahoma State University, Master of Business Administration

Oklahoma State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting, Honors Program Degree

Research Areas
Leadership (Leadership Processes and their Development over Time, Leader-Follower Relationships)
Teams (Leadership in Teams, Team Processes and Performance, Design of Work).

Academic Positions Held
Arizona State University: Assistant Professor, 2009 - Present.  Previous appointments: Michigan State University.

Other Positions
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards
Recipient of 2008 HR Division SHRM Foundation Dissertation Grant Award; Runner-up 2008 COLE Doctorate Dissertation Proposal Competition (Duke University, Fuqua School of Business); University Distinguished Fellowship, Michigan State University; Leadership Legacy and Top Ten Senior, Oklahoma State University, Raymond D. Thomas Award (Top Senior in College of Business), Oklahoma State University.

Representative Publications:
Nahrgang, J. D., DeRue, D. S., Hollenbeck, J. R., Spitzmuller, M., Jundt, D. K., & Ilgen, D. R. Conditional Acceptance. Goal setting in teams: Impact of learning and performance goals on process and performance. Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes. Forthcoming.

DeRue, D.S., Nahrgang, J.D., Hollenbeck, J.R., & Workman, K.M. 2012. A quasi-experimental study of after-event reviews and leadership development. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97: 997-1015.

Nahrgang, J. D., Morgeson, F. P., & Hoffmann, D.A. 2011.  Safety at work: A meta-analytic investigation of the link between job demands, job resources, burnout, engagement, and safety outcomes.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 96: 71-94.

DeRue, D. S., Nahrgang, J. D., Wellman, N., Humphrey, S. E. 2011.  Trait and behavioral theories of leadership: An integration and meta-analytic test of their relative validity.  Personnel Psychology, 64: 7-52.

Sin, H.P., Nahrgang, J. D., & Morgeson, F. P. 2009.  Understanding why they don't see eye- to eye: A meta-analytic examination of leader-member exchange (LMX) agreement.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 94: 1048-1057.

Nahrgang, J.D., Morgeson, F. P., & Illies, R. 2009.  The development of leader-member exchanges: Exploring how personality and performance influence leader and member relationships over time.  Organizational Behavior and human Decision Processes, 108: 256-266.